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Best Laparoscopic Endo Trainer In India
Endotrainer Kit With 5 Basic Instruments

fashionable Basics for everyone

Basic Instruments :- Maryland Grasper, Fenestrated Or Bowel Grasper, Curved Scissor , Needle Holder , Bhandarkar Knot Pusher With 5mm - 3mm Reducer. Endotrainer Kit:- 2 Plastic Cannula , Video Cable , Power Cable , Red Suturing Pad , White Module (Ball Clamp & Thread Passing)
1 year Warranty Note:- If Any Defect In It ,Not Physical Damag
Most FAQ Of Laparoscopic Endo Trainer

Incision Instrument® Is One Of The Trusted Name In The Field Of Laparoscopic Endotrainer, Because Of His Best Quality And Services.

In Endo Trainer We Are Providing:(1) HD Zoom In Zoom Out HD Camera With 360 Degree Rotatable. (2) LED Light Source Video Cable For TV Connection. (3) USB Cable For Laptop Connection. (4) USB Cable For Mobile Connection. (5) Video To HDMI Convertor. (6) HDMI Connection Cable. (7) Power Cable For HDMI Connection. (8) Plastic Cannula 5mm 2pcs & Practice Materials 2pcs.

5 Basic Instruments Are:- (1) Ethicon-Type Needle Holder Straight Jaw 5mm. (2) Maryland Dissector 5mm. (3) Curved Scissor 5mm. (4) Fenestrated Forceps 5mm. (5) Bhandarkar Knot Pusher With 5mm - 3mm Reducer.

We Provide Various Devices Connection Such TV / LED /LCD , Mobiles, Laptop & HDMI Connection.

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